At Aero Mac Inc. we are dedicated to providing our customers with competitive pricing
and high quality shot peening through usage of our diverse peening equipment.
Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service by meeting the delivery and quality expectations of our customers. Our team of qualified professionals keeps our customers informed of any pending issues.

Our company is equipped with a Wheelabrator conveyor system which handles parts up to 20 feet in length X 6 feet in width requiring no additional conveyor extensions unless required for longer parts. The two identical Pangborns with 72" tables are ideal for shot peening small to medium size parts. The automated equipment is supported by numerous manual Vacublast machines equipped with various nozzles for peening shielded areas and bores.

The machines at Aero Mac Inc. are loaded with double conditioned hard carbon steel
cut wire size CW-32 capable of peening all alloys at any intensity.

The Wheelabrator Conveyor System
The Pangborns